Pi is a star. Pi is the most famous and the most mysterious, the most bizarre and the craziest number. Unlike other, harmless numbers, Pi has character. Pi is irrational, abstract, indomitable and, according to the Association of Friends of the Number Pi based in Vienna, "but also so beautiful". The American physicist Richard P. Feynman once proclaimed, perhaps thinking of the ‘Heurigen’ city of Vienna: "In a glass of wine is the whole universe". False. It's in Pi. No one misses this number. Especially not on July 22. Because: 22 by 7 equals 3.14 etc.

What the double-slit experiment is in physics is this circular number for mathematicians. Actually, Pi should only determine the ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle. However, the nature and essence of Pi has been on the minds of philosophers and scientists since the early days of arithmetic. Pi's most important qualities - there is no need for a Pisa test - are irrationality and transcendence, proven in 1766 by Johann Heinrich Lambert and 125 years later by Carl von Lindemann. In the abnormal 20th century, interest became increasingly focused on the more profound question: Is Pi normal? The last calculation record for the number chain: 62,831,853,071,796 digits. This is not normal.

Whether you meditate in the morning over the circular coffee cup or in the evening over the wine glass - Pi. Whether you take the train or tram (round wheels) or play billiards in the evening: You always meet Pi. Whether you easily calculate planetary orbits in a TV commercial break to pass the time, whether you book the VHS course for advanced students "We draw the perfect circle" or feel stimulated by atomic oscillations - Pi, Pi, Pi! In every round object, in every vibration, in every wave, Pi is present. Pi is omni_pi-, pardon: omnipresent. In the course of time, this number figure turned out to be a tormenter who turned life into a number hell for scholars. Or robbed entire years of life, such as the English mathematician William Rutherford, who in 1841 had miscalculated his calculations from the 152nd digit and spent the following five years trying to determine false garlands of numbers. (Alexander Kluy)

The number Pi is celebrated in Noerten-Hardenberg! As the center of the globally growing work of art "Pi in Stone", the stain is recognized. Man(s), woman and divers can make a pilgrimage on the "Pi in Stone" path and internalize the beauties of the number and the formulas for calculation. The number series Pi in Stein is supplemented 'An der Bünte' by the colour coding of the first 72 digits of the number Pi on the façade of the local indoor swimming pool, in order to then come across infinitely diverse colour-coded products based on the decimal places of the number Pi and their colour coding at the headquarters of the 'Freunde der Zahl Pi Deutschland e.V.' in Lange Str. 4, D-37176 Noerten-Hardenberg.

Benches, carpets, necklaces for the ladies, scarves, a Memo-Pi, a black 'Piter' game... Infinite possibilities with the Infinite Series of Numbers and:
To the Pi approach day in the year 2319 according to Archimedes (the friends of the number Pi have their own time calculation), the 22.07. of this year, there is

314 packets of pi noodles, with a content of 314 g

pi nudeln

For the production, the initiator Bilian Proffen from Noerten-Hardenberg was able to win over the pasta manufactory of the Golze-Kreuzinger family in Dassel, Am Rothenberg 1.

The die for the noodles was commissioned and could be made in time to have the first 314 packages of noodles available in time for the Pi approach day (22/7). The noodle packages are numbered consecutively, so that even collectors of extraordinary products get their money's worth.